Polymers & Composites

Due to secrecy agreements we only state selected examples of our projects.

Material development


For our customers the team of InnoMat GmbH develops innovative polymers and composites. Depending on the customer's needs we develop "pure" resins as well as semi-finished products like prepregs, core materials or sandwich panells. InnoMat GmbH also works in the field of the development of components.

Current projects

  • Project of cooperation: WKP Leichtbau+ - Leichtbauwerkstoffe mit neuen Funktionen - Lärmreduzierung und Displayfunktion; Teilvorhaben: Noppenwabe - Funktionsintegration und Fügetechnik




InnoMat GmbH provides studies and expertise on innovative scientific technical questions and developments in the field of polymers and composites. For all questions we also have access to other competent experts.


Material assessment


We develop a test matrix for the application you are interested in to characterize your material or product. We determine material characteristics or help you to find other competent partners.