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Application Lab for Volume Dilatometry

Chowdhury, Y., Dietrich, D., Bauer, A.: Shrinkage and CTE of Resins by Volume Dilatometry
(Poster presented at the Thermosets 2011 conference)


Nap Core Material - Overview

Bernaschek, A., Chowdhury, Y., Kahle, O.: Nap Core – Core Material for Sandwich Construction
(Poster presented at the Thermosets conference 2011)

Bernaschek, A.: A three-dimensional core material for lightweight sandwich constructions
(Composite Solutions Magazine, No. 1 (2012), pp 10-14)

Gerber, N., Bernaschek, A., Dreyer, C., Klauke, K., Bauer, M., Bauer, A.: Progress on the Development
and Automated Production of New Core Materials (Poster presented at the Thermosets conference 2013)