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Nap cores

Nap core is a (core) material for lightweight sandwich constructions with multi-adjustable properties. Its three-dimensional nap structure can be formed out of a two-dimensional impregnated knitted fabric. By varying nap geometry, yarn material, type of knitted fabric or resin system, nap cores can meet the demands of applications where adjustable properties are required.


  • Low volume weight,
  • Sandwiches with good mechanical properties,
  • Adjustable fire-smoke-toxicity performance (fabric, resin),
  • Good drapability,
  • Excellent drainability,
  • Easy integration of ducts and wires possible.

Through the high variety of material combinations the properties of nap core can be adapted to the needs of different applications and components. The comparison of nap core sandwich and Nomex® honeycomb sandwich shows that nap core offers high potential as core material for lightweight sandwich components. The unique properties of nap core such as adjustability, drainability, drapability or easy integration of ducts and wires enables the design of novel sandwich constructions. Nap core sandwich panels are suitable for applications in aerospace, aircraft, marine, automotive, railway, wind energy or design.

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Prototyping & Small-series production

As a service provider InnoMat GmbH is producing a variety of samples and prototypes such as core materials, prepregs, laminates and sandwiches of all kind.

Current projects

  • Production of various nap core materials for customers worldwide
  • Production of prepregs, laminates and sandwich structures for various lightweight applications
  • Small serious production of the undercarriage of a microlight (AirTrike GmbH)
  • ..